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US Navy/ Marines, Aviators Wings. WWII

Lovely pair of pre/early war full size Aviators wings, in Sterling silver, with gilt finish.
Wings are in very good/excellent condition, showing very little wear to the gilt finish, and have the early "drop in catch".
Maker marked, Amico (American insignia Comp) and are marked.......20 10 Kg on S
Lovely set of pre/early WWII wings.
price includes postage to mainland U.K. only.

S/N 457

Code: 50265

85.00 GBP

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WWII Bombardiers Wing.

Beautiful pair of bombardiers wings, in sterling silver
Meyer marked. full size wings, in fantastic untouched condition.
S/N 456
Price includes postage to UK mainland only

Code: 50264


USAF WWII Air Crew Wings Theatre Made.

Very nice set of "Theatre made" full size Aircrew Wings, not sure of the origin of this pair, seem to have all the characteristics of a British made pair, or could be Far East? really not sure, but very nice quality, to the front, the back is a little "rough", but with a good quality pin, and "loop" catch.
Price includes postage to mainland U.K. only
S/N 455

Code: 50263

55.00 GBP

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US Navy Observer wing Cap Size. 1920's----30's

Beautiful pair of pre war cap size, Navy/Marine observer wings, No "Berries" maker marked Vanguard N.Y. in sterling silver with gilt finish, early "drop in catch"
Stunning set of wings, that would be very difficult to upgrade.
Price includes postage to Mainland U.K. only.
S/n 454

Code: 50262

65.00 GBP

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US Navy 1920's-30's Observer Wings

Lovely set of pre War- WWII, Navy/Marine Observers wing, maker marked Vanguard N.Y. Sterling Silver, with gilt finish, with no "berries"
Stunning set of pre war wings, totally untouched, and retaining 99% of their original Finish, and would be very difficult to upgrade.
price includes postage to U.K. mainland only
S/N 453

Code: 50261

120.00 GBP

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Pre WWII USAAF Pilots Wings

Beautiful pre war full size pilots wings, in Sterling silver,
Totally untouched/uncleaned condition, with fully operational locking clasp, and pin
These would be very difficult to upgrade, a Stunning set of "chunky" wings.
Price includes postage to U.K. mainland only.
S/N 452

Code: 50260


WWII US Air Force Observers Wings. British Made

Excellent set of British Made (Firmin ?) wings, with some loss of silver plating to the high spots, but does not detract, full size set of wings.
price includes postage to UK Mainland only
S/N 451

Code: 50259

125.00 GBP

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US Paratrooper wings. J.R. Gaunt

WWII British made Paratrooper wings by J.R. Gaunt
Wings are in very good condition, with some loss of finish to the "high spots" but does not detract.
Price includes postage to UK mainland only.
S/N 450

Code: 50258

90.00 GBP

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US Airforce Aircrew Wings. J.R. Gaunt

WWII British made full size aircrew wings, J.R. Gaunt maker marked. In excellent untouched condition.
Price includes delivery to UK mainland only
S/N 449

Code: 50257

95.00 GBP

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1920's/30's US Navy Observer Wings Cap Size

Very Rare between the wars, sterling silver US Navy Observer's Cap Badge, in excellent condition with no issues, pin and "loop" closure.
Very Rare Item. 1" 1/2 cap size wings.
See, Aviation Wings and Badges of the World Wars
price includes delivery.
S/N 448

Code: 50256

65.00 GBP

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