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WW11 USAAF Pilots Wings English Made

WW11 USAAF Pilots Wings English Made

S/N 224

Code: 50230


USAAF Air Crew Wings by JR Gaunt

USAAF Air Crew Wings by JR Gaunt

S/N 225

Code: 50231


USAAF Bombardiers Wings. JR Gaunt

USAAF Bombardiers Wing

S/n 227

Code: 50233


USAAF Navigators Wing JR Gaunt

USAAF Navigators Wing JR Gaunt

S/N 200

Code: 50226


Original US United States D-Day Paratrooper id flag insignia

Unissued "D" day paratrooper I.D. insignia, screen printed on cotton, measuring 4 3/4" x 3 7/16". flag is in excellent unused condition, with some slight colour loss overall due to age, other than that, no issues, very rare original item.
S/N 143

Code: 50126


USAAF A-14 Oxygen Mask. & T-44-A microphone

A-14 oxygen mask fitted with a T-44-A microphone.
Mask is in excellent order, with no issues to the rubber.
The straps and web fittings, are again in excellent order with no issues.
Mask has the "anti-freeze" deflector fitted, with the 2 extra plastic rivets, to hold it in place.
A T-44-A microphone has been fitted to the mask, allowing it to be used in Allied aircraft.
Excellent A-14 mask and T-44-A set up, that would be very difficult to upgrade.
This mask is fitted with a rare T-44 microphone assembly. It comprises a deep chocolate coloured loom (CO-287) with an American version of the standard RAF bell jack plug (PL-179) to one end and a Type T-44-A magnetic microphone and AAF JK-26 socket at the other. The T-44 fits inside the nose section of the mask alleviating the need for a throat microphone. Used primarily in aircraft fitted with RAF radio equipment, this loom enabled AAF crews with the 8th and 9th AAF to plug their American made headgear into RAF aircraft
Price includes postage to mainland U.K only
S/N 199

Code: 50224


WWII RAF "snake bite" Kit. GARDNER of London

WWII issue, RAF Anti Venom, snake bite capsule.
In very good/excellent condition, being complete.
Manufactured by Gardner's of London, and AM stamped.
Chromium plated metal cylinder approximately 6cm long x 1 cm diameter. Removable end caps unscrew to reveal a small metal blade/lancet and a potassium permanganate capsule. The blade could be used to cut out the venom from a snake bite and the potassium permanganate applied to the wound. The cylinder is engraved with Air Ministry marks and manufacturer's details. Complete with the often absent capsule. Light surface wear/marking but overall condition is excellent. These were issued as part of the contents of the tropical survival kit (27P/19) and also part of the kit included with the lightweight flying overall.
S/n 198

Code: 50223


Trench Art Mosquito with stand

Lovely "Trench Art" Mossie, in Aluminium, with brass stand, and dedication.

Code: 50222


Copy WWII New Zealand Pilots Wings

Copy WWII pilots wing in excellent condition, full size wings with a lovely "oatmeal" colouring to them, some glue residue to the rear of them, where I presume they have at one time been mounted in a frame for display? other than that, no issues.

S/n 117

Code: 50136

15.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Post War RAF Quartermaster Brevet

Post War full size quartermasters padded brevet, in excellent condition, wing is a lovely "oatmeal" colour with no issues, excellent quality piece.

s/n/ 121

Code: 50140

20.00 GBP

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