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WWII U.S. Navy Aviators Garrison Cap.

WWII. U.S. Navy Garrison cap, in grey cotton twill material, cap is in very good condition, with some minor staining to the bottom l/hand edge.
Label reads.
under supervision.
7 3/8"
Owners name is ink stamped on inner band.
F.W. POTTER, in block style text.
And a service number? inked on the inner band, but I hard to make out.
A pair of cap size Aviator wings, in sterling silver have been applied, no maker mark, and a New Zealand made Major's oak leaf, (Lt. Commander) by Theo Meyer Auckland. in excellent condition.
price includes delivery to mainland U.K. only
head is not included in the sale.

This is an original WWII issue early war, grey Naval Officer’s overseas cap. The Naval grey uniforms were issued for only a short time, and thus grey uniforms items are always hard to find.
The Halsey Grey Uniform was only in use for 6 years from 1943, to 1949. Really only wore for 9 months in 1943.

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US Navy/Marines Pilots Garrison Cap.

WWII U.S. Navy/Marines, Summer Garrison cap. Cap is in very good used condition, Size 7, and made by THE CORRECT CAP COMPANY. and dated 1942.
A pair of Aviators cap size wings/ Lt's Bar, have been applied, the wings are maker marked H&H v-20- 10k +sterling. and are in excellent condition, the Lt's "butter bar is marked "shold-r-form, and maker marked Mayer. and is in excellent condition.
Lovely WWII Aviators garrison cap, in excellent used condition.

In March, 1943, garrison caps were approved as an optional wear item in lieu of the peaked service cap. Garrison caps were approved for wear with officer's, warrant officer's, chief petty officer's, steward's, and cooks' service and working uniforms. Prior to this order garrison caps were authorized for the summer and winter working uniforms worn by officers, warrant officers, and chief petty officers who were designated as naval aviation pilots. Garrison caps were purchased by those authorized to wear them. Wear of the Garrison cap was permitted unless the combination cap was prescribed by the commanding officer.

postage is included in the price for mainland U.K. only.

Head is not included in the sale.

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WWII U.S. Airforce Ike Jacket & Trousers.

US Air Force Ike Jacket, in very good/excellent condition, with Sgt's stripes, Air force insignia, overseas service bars, and discharge insignia. ribbon bar, with Air Medal, with one oak leaf. WWII European-African Middle Eastern Campaign medal. and a pair of Vanguard N.Y. marked wings, in sterling silver? (not marked sterling )with 70 degree opening pin. U.S.& Air force collar insignia are one piece stamping, with clutch back fittings.
Jacket is a size 40R and made by the Sigmund Eisner CO. and dated 5/10/44. it has one cuff button missing from the r/hand sleeve, and the button for "latching" the collar closed is broken in half, other than that, the jacket is in a very good/excellent condition.
Trousers are in excellent condition, made by Oberman & Company size 33" waist & 33" leg, two slash front pockets, one ticket/fob pocket. two rear pockets, one open, and one button down, all six bracer buttons are present, the lining is very clean, with no staining, and full makers label.
Belt length is 42" and buckle is marked solid brass.
postage is included for mainland U.K. only

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USAC A-1 Capeskin Flying Jacket.

Made by Willis & Geiger. N.Y. in capeskin leather, as per the originals, with quality cotton knits, and eight button frontal closure, chestnut coloured leather outer shell, with no issues, and 100% brown cotton lining, again with no issues, two front pockets, with button closure.
Jacket is in a 42" chest size, sleeve length 23" excluding the knits, bottom of collar to bottom edge of jacket, at the rear, 23" excluding waistband.
The knits do have a couple of small repairs, which can be seen in the photo's and are not really a cause for concern. absolutely stunning jacket.

The type A-1 Flight Jacket was standardized on November 27th 1927, being the predecessor of the now-famous type A-2 Flight Jacket. Synonymous with early aviation heroes, such as: Jimmy Doolittle, Ira Eaker and Carl Spaatz, it was the very first of the windcheater-type flying jackets outfitted with knitted waist and cuffs, and a design that was to set the basic outline for flying jacket styling to this day.

Capeskin is, basically, sheepskin - the same leather that was used to make the B-3 and B-6 Flight Jackets - the only real difference between capeskin and sheepskin is that Cape is a particular breed derived from Africa and noted for its fine quality and smooth texture, making it perfect for hair-off leather garments. But as a reproduction flying jacket wearer of today, please do not be put off by the notion that capeskin is inherently less durable than, say, horsehide. Capeskin is perfectly acceptable for the kind of daily use the average person would plan to give their jacket. label reads.
price includes postage to mainland U.K. only

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G-1 US Navy/ Marines Flying Jacket.

Made by U.S. Wings, Circa 2011- I presume for the Centennial birth of the US Navy Aviators Branch. no longer available, cut from Goatskin, with real mouton fur collar, quality cotton single ply waistband, and cuffs, heavy brass zipper, storm flap punched with U.S.N. and inner map pocket, outer shell is in excellent condition, with no issues, waistband & cuffs, again have no issues.
The lining is in gold cotton, with a fantastic woven set of U.S. Aviators wings depicted in gold thread, and the Navy Flyer's "creed" printed in black type.
Jacket size is a 44" Chest, "23 shoulder to bottom of sleeve, excluding the cuffs, and 22-1/2" rear of collar to bottom edge of the jacket, excluding the waist band.
Lovely G-1 Jacket, for display or to wear, and long sold out.
price includes postage to U.K. mainland only.

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USAF A-14 oxygen mask.

A-14 Oxygen mask, in very good condition, the main body and tube are in excellent supple condition, with no issues, the mask is dated, 9?/44 (the month is hard to make out) fitted with an ANB-MC-1 microphone, with anti- moisture cover intact, cotton straps and buckles are complete, and in good order, the only issue is the rubber straps, which have been repaired in two place, but the mask does display well. in a size small.

postage is included for mainland U.K. only.

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AN6540/42/43 Green Nylon Summer Flying Helmet.

USMC/ US Navy Summer Flying helmet, in green nylon.
The final helmet in the AN6540/42/43, issued to Naval & Marine Corps aviators during WWII.
The Helmet was the same pattern as other AN6540, but was cut from unlined olive green nylon, with three goggle retaining straps in green leather, and green velvet coloured leather chinstrap, with buckle attachment. Snap fasteners, were factory fitted.
the snaps were threaded so as to enable the mask snaps and oxygen mask hook to be bolted into place.
The helmet is in excellent condition, showing some usage, but is rip/stain free, the helmet is fitted with a pair of ANB-H-A1 flat sided receivers, wiring loom, and NAF black plug. ( See Mick Prodgers book page 110/298) Manufactured by Slote & Klein inc. size large.
Quite a rare helmet, and one for the Pacific War Collector.

Pair of all purpose M-1944 goggles, in excellent condition, rubber frame is soft/supple, goggle strap retains some elasticity, and fitted with a clear lens.
The M-1944 was a simplified version of the B-8 Goggles, whilst some early versions had a chamois backing, this pair has the " moulded texture" finish, B-8 lenses were fully interchangeable with the M-1944 goggles.
The head is for display purposes only .
postage is included in the price for mainland U.K. only.

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USAAF AN-H-16. Flying Helmet.

AN-H-16 flying helmet in almost mint unused condition.
The outer leather work, is in excellent condition, with no issues, and remains soft and supple, both draw strings intact. The only issues, as with 99% of these helmets, is the two male snaps for the goggle straps have some slight corrosion on them, which has reacted with the sheep skin, but both are still firmly attached, but I wouldn't recommend closing the tabs.
The Sheepskin lining is in excellent order, with no issues, Makers label. Bradly-Goodrich inc. and is a size extra large. chamois doughnuts, are again in excellent condition, and the helmet is fitted with a pair of ANB-H-1 Receivers, manufactured by Shure Brothers. With wiring loom, and PL-354 plug.
The helmet has been "rigger" modified with oxygen mask tabs, to accommodate the use of an oxygen mask. (these helmet don't appear to have ever had oxygen mask snaps "Factory Fitted"?) excellent AN-H-16 Helmet that would be very hard to upgrade, And quite a rare helmet to find, as only 40,000 were produced between 1943-44 !

Head is for display purposes only.
postage included is for mainland U.K. only.

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ANJ-4 USAF/NAVY Flying Jacket.

WWII USAF ANJ-4 jacket, jacket is in very good condition overall, with one defect, to the inner L/hand sleeve panel, where the shearling has cracked/split on the surface finish, and at sometime been repaired, by stitching, (looks to be a very old repair? see photo 9), other than this one defect the jacket is in very good condition for it's 70+ years, all stitching is excellent, with no issues, shearling is in excellent condition, with no "bald" patches!, both storm cuff knits are in very condition, as are the horse hide facings to the sleeves, both side adjustment straps and buckles are present, and in very good order. The jacket is a Mk2, as defined by the button down pocket flaps, and the zipper length just short of the bottom of the jacket. (Mk1 jacket had press stud closures, and the zipper reached to the bottom ) The rayon satin lining to underarms and the inside of the pockets, is in very good condition. Very good example of the ANJ-4 Jacket, which only saw service for one year 1943-44, before being replaced, by the fabric pile- lined flight jackets. contract label is missing,
When laid flat & zipped up from pit to pit measures 20/21" ,so 40/42" chest (approx.)
Length from bottom of collar to bottom of waist at the rear is 25"
Shoulder to bottom edge of cuff is 24".
s/n 131
postage is included for mainland U.K. only.

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USAAF Bombadiers wings. Full size 3"

3" Bombardiers wing, by Meyer, sterling silver, in excellent condition, fully maker marked, with both stampings, on the very edge of the piece! This set appears to have been a pair of observer wings, before having the "winged" bullet applied.
Pin opens to about 45degs, roller catch working perfectly. lovely set of wings, that would be difficult to upgrade.
postage is included for U.K. only.
s/n 178

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